5 Predictions for the Project & Portfolio Management Industry









Kevin Kern serves as Innotas’ President and CEO, leveraging his 20 years of operational experience with high-growth software companies. Innotas is a leading provider of Cloud Solutions for IT Management.


As we turn the corner on 2014, it’s time to start thinking about what next year will bring. The project and portfolio management industry has gone through many evolutionary phases, and these are my predictions for what 2015 will offer…

1. Innovation Investment Continues to Rise
A few years back, many organizations were in cost-cutting mode. Unfortunately, much of this hit IT, PMOs and the projects themselves. The industry was focused on operational initiatives that would keep the business running, not initiatives to innovate and stay ahead of the competition.

In 2014, we saw this turn back around to a healthy portfolio mix. In 2015, innovation projects will accelerate. As innovation projects become a greater portion (and hopefully a majority) of your portfolio, so will the scrutiny and oversight. What will be important for organizations is to ensure that these initiatives are not only aligning with the business, but with end customers. The IT and PMO organizations that can tie their work to end-customer value will come out ahead. While it is important to keep the operations running smoothly, growth will come from projects creating the most value.

2. Predictive Software
Game changer. Any time predictive analysis can be used to create the future state of your business goals, you have a winner. There are many flavors of these tools, and the use of …

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